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Microsoft ends support for Windows XP

What you should know:

Microsoft ended support for windows XP in April of 2014. What does this mean to you?
If you or your organization is still running machines with windows XP, you are not alone.
In this article, we examine what the issues are and what you can do about it to stay safe.

What are the issues?

End of support means no more technical support, but it also means no more patches. Patches are changes that are made to the software to correct errors or vulnerabilities that have been discovered. Without patches, any newly discovered vulnerabilities will not be fixed, thus potentially exposing the system to hackers, viruses, and malware. Microsoft also has discontinued support for Microsoft Security Essentials on XP. This was a free anti-virus program that was supplied by Microsoft. Any machines still running that software will not be protected against current viruses or malware.

So What should I do?

There are several options:
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