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Hi All, Windows 10 is HERE!

Posted on 7/29/2015 by Robert Cullmann, CEO, eon Technologies.

What you should know:

Microsoft is releasing Windows 10 on July 29, 2015. This is supposed to be the 'Last' version of Windows. (We'll see about that) You may have noticed the little icon on your taskbar advertising for your FREE upgrade to Windows 10. Most Non-Enterprise customers with a valid Windows 7 or 8 license will qualify for this free upgrade. Is Windows 10 right for you or your business? I recommend that you talk to us about it, as our recommendation will depend on your specific situation.

Some of the Good:
- The first thing people will notice is that the Start menu is BACK! (Sort of) They've done a good job for the most part on it, but there are some issues with it as discussed below.

- Windows 10 has had a lot of redesigns and things should get easier. It has better support for some of the touch/convertible devices (Tablets/laptops). Some of the screens are easier to work with.

Some of the New:
- Cortana - This is Microsoft's answer to Siri, the apple/Iphone assistant. Cortana is supposed to help you find things, set alerts up, and learn and help you get organized. We'll see about that. Right now the implementation still needs work in my opinion, but Microsoft is still making changes to it on a regular basis, so we'll see how what it will look like as time goes on. It's a great idea with great potential.

- Edge - This is microsoft's replacement to Internet Explorer. It's a redesigned browser that is supposed to be sleeker, faster than anything out there. It has some promise, but right now it still has some bugs. We'll see what happens with it. As of today, I still prefer Chrome.

Some of the Bad:
- The left hand pane of the start Menu is NOT customizable the way it was. This is a BIG minus in my opinion. It's disappointing because for a while it looked like they had gotten it right, but then they went and broke it again. Sad.

- Microsoft has announced that all Home versions (and most pro versions) of Windows will automatically receive all updates, with no choice to delay or prevent the updates from happening. While at first this sounds like a good idea, I have a few issues with this. First of all, Microsoft should have learned by now that it's not a good idea to try to force people to do things. Some people tend to get really upset about it. In addition, the patches being issued are not always going to be only security patches. I really do not want Microsoft installing new software on my machine without my permission.

From a security perspective the forced patching initially seems like a good idea. There are too many unpatched machines out there, and this will address that issue. But this is not an ideal world and sometimes things go wrong, REALLY wrong with what should be a basic update. There are a lot of situations that I want to be able to control when things get patched. I want to make sure that they have not had problems with the patches, etc. And to prove my point, right before the release date, Microsoft sent out a driver patch that messed up a lot of machines. The poor users could fix their machines, but the patch would reload and break the machine again. Good job, Microsoft. This is why I'd rather wait a few days to make sure they've gotten things to work before breaking things!!

There's a lot more. Feel free to contact us and come on in to take a look at windows 10. We'd be glad to show it to you!

Until Next time, Happy Computing!!!
Sincerely Yours, -Robert C.

Contact us at (510) 523-3832 if you have any questions about any of the above. Our consultants will evaluate your situation, and come up with an affordable plan that will address your company's specific needs.

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