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Document Management Tools
a powerful set of tools to automatically manage incoming files and documents

Software to redirect and rename incoming or scanned files based on flexible, customizable rules. file content, or database lookups.
  • Scanned file gets renamed to reflect the file type and then is moved into the appropriate folder hierarchy based on data entered on the copier as the file was scanned.
  • Automatically renames incoming PDF files to reflect customer code and account number by extracting content from the PDF file and running queries against a SQL database to determine what the relationships are, then moves the files into their appropriate folders
  • Send document information to a remote web application via REST calls.

Software to email files to various destination based on a combination of file type and name.
  • Email files to different locations, determined by the client code in the file name
  • Automatically send Invoice files to their respective clients while sending reports to different email addresses.

Miscellaneous Software

Badge Manager / Badge Manager Pro

  Software to manage and print Badges

  • Design Badges
  • Maintain list of Badges
  • Create Groups for different badges
  • Automatically link to images based on an ID
  • Multi-User Software

Spam Manager

  Spam Filter program for POP email accounts.