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About our Software Division

eon Technologies has been providing custom software solutions since 1990.
We have created products for a wide range of industries, including Aviation, Shipping, Retail, Legal, Real Estate, Insurance, Medical, Industrial, and more. Our software has been able to solve a variety of problems, provide specialized solutions, and facilitate operations for many businesses, thus improving revenue and cutting costs.

Our custom solutions are designed to streamline and simplify processes, reduce costs and labor, and improve productivity.
Some Products We've Developed:
  • Document Management Software
  • Legal Billing Software for an IP Law Firm
  • Case Management System for a Collections Agency
  • Invoicing and Ticketing System
  • Tool and Equipment Tracking Program
  • Flight Dispatch System for Corporate Aircraft
  • Maintenance Tracking Program
  • Equipment Monitoring and Control Software
  • Fireworks Control Software (was used for Macy's Fireworks!)
  • Policy tracking system for an Insurance agency
  • Development tools for FoxPro developers